Fantasy "With a Twist"

When I first began writing Dreamers of Andalon it was for my children when they grew into adulthood. They were young when I became a single father, and the impact and fall out from that messy divorce affected them in so many dark ways. Happily, they all emerged resilient and strong with endurance to face the world. Later, I went on to work with youth who endure unspeakable trauma every day of their lives. These young people inspired me and their experiences encouraged me to design a new kind of fantasy hero, one who is broken but learns how to rebuild.

Eusari Thorinson is one such character. She witnessed the worst imaginable horrors as a child, including her sale into human trafficking. Happenstance helped her to become the pirate captain of the ship She Wolf, although with few interpersonal relationships to support her personally. Afraid to trust and lacking confidence, she allowed emotion to rule her adult life until she met Braen Braston, a charismatic and true leader whose own background allowed over inflated humility to get in his way of self ambitions.

As the articles below indicates, the story is for young adults and I truly hope that it emotionally draws in the reader to love the type of heroes who I know are the hardest to love but the most amazing people in the world!