Member - SFWA (SciFi/Fantasy Writers Association

Winner - 2021 Independent Press Award

Finalist - 2021 International Book Awards

Silver Medalist - 2022 ELIT Awards (Popular Fiction)

Bronze Medalist - 2022 ELIT Awards (SciFi and Fantasy)

International Bestselling author Tom "T.B." Phillips writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.

A prolific writer, he has published eleven works in forty-five months, beginning with Andalon Awakens in 2019, kicking off his award winning series Dreamers of Andalon. In 2020 he released Andalon Arises and Andalon Attacks to complete the series, extending it in 2022 with Andalon Project, Andalon Paradox, and Andalon Legacy. Other works include the Corrupted Realms series, which kicked off with Wailing Tempest in April 2021 and continued with Howling Shadow in August 2021. In October 2022 he also published Ferryman, a supernatural thriller based on Ferryman Tales comic series by Chris Hays and McLain McGuire of Charter Comics.

Dreamers of Andalon is just one of many in his visionary Andalon® Saga, and is a cautionary fantasy adventure taking place twelve hundred years in our future and set in the age of sail. He has been lauded for his skillfully choreographed sea battles and action sequences. He builds worlds around imaginative settings and writes with a cinematic flair that readers claim paints the story in their minds.

He has always been passionate about writing, and as a youth he would borrow his mother's typewriter and click out stories that thankfully the world will never see.

He has a passion for writing that came from influences such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, and Ian Fleming. His favorite contemporary authors are Brandon Sanderson, Michael J. Sullivan, and George R. R. Martin.

He is a former sailor and educator. He served the United States Navy as a Chief Cryptologic Technician and Analyst, living out his own adventures while learning about the world. Many of characters are a sum of the people he met and interacted with during his travels, as evidenced by the comradery displayed in his novels. He retired from active duty in 2008 and earned two Master's Degrees from Midwestern State University in his home town of Wichita Falls, Tx. He then taught English and History before becoming a public school principal and stepping out of education to focus on writing in 2020.

He now lives in Fort Worth, Tx with his beautiful wife Jaana. They are a blended family and combined have six children.

Books by T.B. Phillips

Andalon Saga

Andalon Origins

Andalon Project (April 2022)

Andalon Paradox (April 2023)

Andalon Prophecies (Expected Winter 2023)

Dreamers of Andalon

Andalon Awakens (June 2019)

Andalon Arises (July 2020)

Andalon Attacks (December 2020)

Children of Andalon

Andalon Legacy (September 2022)

Chilling Tales

Ferryman (October 2022)

Corrupted Realms

Orphan Knight (August 2023)

Wailing Tempest (April 2021)

Howling Shadow (September 2021)

Dragon Thirst

Legends (September 2023)

Mythos (September 2023)

Untitled (Expected Winter 2023)