A Dark Fantasy Saga - Dragons Versus Vampires!

Discover the truth about the world in which you live, a world where dragons are hunted by the horrors you fear!

A Bold Series of Dragons Versus Vampires by the Masterful World Builder, T.B. Phillips

This is the story of their legacy, how titans hide among humans, steering our lives while committed to the total destruction of their rivals. These bloodlines war to this day. Cloaked by shadow, they commit their actions in secret. It tells of the forms they take, both awe inspiring and terrifying, and how humans have ignored their existence... until now.

You may even be among their progeny…

Choose your form…

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Dragon Thirst Legends

Behind every Legend Lies Truth…

Kado, a young boy obsessed with tales of dragons, finds himself fighting a war waged since the beginning of time. Entangled, he must choose between those legendary beasts and the vampires who would consume their blood.

Dragon Thirst Mythos

Beneath each Myth Lurks Deception…

Briaca, a young woman taken captive by dangerous men, discovers a world just beyond her own, dark and full of vampires seeking the blood of dragons. She finds herself swept into a war waged since the beginning of time and must choose a side.

Dragons and vampires continue their war to this day, ancient titans locked in a struggle to dominate mankind. Dragon Thirst is the story of their bloodlines, of variants who emerged as mythological heroes and foes. They walk among us.

Dragon Thirst

Here's something bold and different from T.B. Phillips. These two books are written from dueling points of view. You can read either one first, it doesn't matter. Once you finish the first you will rush to read the other, to learn about the other side, and see many of the same events from a different perspective.

Both stories begin and end in the modern era, not far from Austin, TX. Both Legends and Mythos are full of flashbacks, catching the reader up on the history of each character and telling the story of how they transcended time to walk in our world.

Dragon Legends follows Kado, the younger brother of Briaca, as fate takes him closer to dragons. Revealed to him are the legends and secrets of Dragonkind, now dwindling in nunbers and hiding from their ancient enemies. He is brave but young, full of passion and impatience, but he is intent on becoming the hero and saving his village from an evil warlord.

Dragon Thirst Mythos introduces the reader to Briaca. Captured by dangerous men, she learns the truth about creatures living in the shadows of society, manipulationg humans by shaping the world around us. Headstrong, she resists the best she can against the sinister Vampure, struggling not to lose control of her own humanity.

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Enjoy this excerpt from Dragon Thirst Legends!

Argant quickly slammed the ancient book, so excited to tell a story he sent dust flying from its pages. Hopping to his feet he moved with renewed vigor, youthfully spry with a spring to every step. He whisked up the yellowed staff, swung it once in the air, and slammed its base hard against the rocky floor.

A deafening crack resounded, echoing like a thunderclap through the chamber and startling the boy. Kado felt his heart pound inside his chest as if it were a frog hopping free from danger. For a moment he forgot the tender spot on his skull, enraptured by the spectacle and feeling only excitement instead of pain.

“Erwan the Bold, you say?” the old man asked with a mummer’s voice, leaning over the staff and grinning with hinted danger and thrilling adventure.

“Yes sir, if you would, please. It’s been so long since I’ve heard it, I don’t recall the details,” the boy lied. He knew the story by heart, not only as a yearly tale at feast time, a remembrance of better times for the village, but from his mother’s nightly tellings. To ask for it now surprised him, almost as much as the tiny visions still echoing in his eyes. If closed, he could still see the tiny aerouants flying around the cave.

“Erwan the Bold… Such a story, such a feat!” the old man muttered, gathering his wits as if trying to recall every detail about the adventurer. “A daring story for a boy carrying vengeance in his heart.” He muttered to his staff as if in conversation. This built anticipation in the boy. Argant held up the staff, staring as if it were a puppet. “Where to begin?” he asked it. “We can begin with the original dragon sire and matron, the bestowers of wisdom to mankind!”

“Yes, please,” Kado begged with earnest, he had never heard that story.

“No!” the old man screamed into the cave, his voice booming as it amplified through the chamber, growing with each echo. Turning slowly, he eyed the boy over his shoulder, holding the staff to his chest like Kado meant to grab it away. “You asked for Erwan the Bold, the embodiment of bravery, daring, and tenacity! The only man to fetter a dragon in a hundred years!”

 “I’m sorry,” Kado whispered, suddenly afraid he would hear no tale at all for his insolence.

Argant shrugged, his face kinder and again thoughtful. “No…” he mused. “You don’t want a story of wisdom, you’re too young and full of anger. What you need is something to feed that hatred for Lars, something to start you off on your own adventure,” he accused, staring down at the boy with eyes full of madness. “A futile quest which will assuredly end in death.”

Kado shivered at the word death and fear twisted his guts, tying them with knots impossible to unwind. The old man had spoken harsh truths. The boy was filled with anger, sought vengeance even, but cowardice would surely lock his feet in Cardac. He would never attempt to bond a dragon of his own.

Or would I? he wondered, feeling again that rushing thrill and imagining fiery aerouants flying all around. Their long bodies slithered through his mind with grand wings that pushed excitement to its limits. No, I’m not a hero, he finally decided. I’m just a lost boy without parents, too afraid to stand up to my sister. Thinking of Briaca sent surges of pain through his wounded head, a reminder he did have a mission of vengeance to undertake. He had no time for stories, he had to stand up to Lars and rescue her back. He stood and looked around for his satchel.

“Sit!” the old man commanded, and Kado collapsed immediately to the rocky floor.

The entire cavern transformed. The fire behind the boy roared, but the light around him softened as if hidden behind fogged glass. The walls reflected an eerie glow that seemed to ebb and flow with the storyteller’s words. Only the staff in his hands retained its usual hue, an unshakeable yellow. Kado realized for the first time it may not be carved from ivory at all.

Argant held his staff like a scepter now, more than a walking stick, waving it over his audience as if the cave had been filled with hundreds of spectators instead of a single child. Basking in the conjured illusion of light, he seemed to grow in stature along with his voice. As he spread his arms wide they almost appeared to reach from wall to wall, his head seemingly brushing the stalactites above.

“Hear now the story of Erwan the Bold, chosen by dragons as rider of the aerouant! Our story ends with him called the Bold, but begins with a simple man with no titles. Listen now,” the storyteller announced, “to the story of Erwan the Worthless, Erwan the Lamentable, Erwan of no consequence!”

Thus the story was told, with Kado hanging on every word. He almost felt like he had disappeared into the story itself.

Tom “T.B.” Phillips is an educator, a father, and a military veteran. During his eventful lifetime he has lived out many of his own adventures while learning about the world, its cultures, and traditions. He is most influenced by Frank Herbert and J.R.R. Tolkien. He debuted in 2019 with Andalon Awakens, his first of many award-winning novels. He is most known for his intricate world building, vivid settings, and emotionally gripping characters. He has been lauded for his thrilling depictions of sea battles, carefully choreographed action, and realistic approach to writing. He has a way of introducing and bringing the reader close to each.

In his worlds, none of his characters are what they seem, and nothing is predictable.

Member - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association

Winner - 2021 Independent Press Award

Finalist - 2021 International Book Awards

Silver/Bronze Medalist - 2022 ELit Awards