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Introducing a Saga Spanning 1,200 Years of World Building

Andalon Saga is set in a world many centuries after the destruction of our own. A genre-defying literary endeavor, it merges fantasy, science fiction, post apocalypse, and dystopia. Each series, set in a different era along the expansive timeline, questions human nature. They explore mankind’s frequent mistakes, but also speculates on our potential. Each weighs emotion, especially love and compassion, while also balancing vengeance.

Though each series is unique and appeals to independent genres, the overall Andalon Saga is for any reader seeking raw and emotionally gripping characters, strong female protagonists, and shifting antagonists who can't help but pull on your heartstrings. The author recommends that any series of the Andalon Saga may be read before another, keeping in chronological order within whichever series you have chosen.

The Saga includes:

A Saga Begins with Apocalyptic Science Fiction!

Genetic Scientist Dr. David Andalon loses funding along with options to further his research. That is, until his brother-in-law makes a timely phone call. Even David knows no one says no to General Jake Braston, and he and his team fly across the world to join old friends in solving a crises. Narrowly escaping a series of cataclysmic events, they find themselves face to face with unexpected laboratory specimens.

Meanwhile, the world as we know it descends into a warlord society, one in which resources hold more value than social issues or morality. Those who remain in the world hang onto life by a thread, faced with choices they never considered possible.

Andalon Origins begins the Andalon Saga, a tale set in a world many centuries after the destruction of our own. It questions human nature, mankind’s frequent mistakes, and also our potential. It weighs our love and compassion while also balancing vengeance.

"SciFi on Fire!”

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"A Dark and Powerful Story You Have to Read!”

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***** Winner of the 2021 Independent Press Award *****

Two Worlds Collide in Andalon

Here is the first volume of T.B. Phillips’ action-packed series Dreamers of Andalon. Critics agree that his characters are so vivid they come to life, driving the reader to tears of both dread and celebration as he paints a world directly into your mind. This modern fantasy combines magic with emotion while promising political intrigue and adventure. Each page transports you to a realm of dueling worlds, one advanced and the other locked in the age of sail and pirates.

Andalon Awakens

Many years from now, in a world in which we have all been forgotten, the Caldera of Cinder erupts and Andalon descends into chaos. Pirates and outlaws ally against tyranny as magical powers awaken at alarming rates, unraveling the plans of the evil Falconers. These dark administrators harvest children who could potentially manipulate the elements, stealing their abilities for a darker purpose. The heroes of this tale include Eusari Thorinson, kidnapped and sold at a young age. She must choose vengeance against those responsible for the pain she endured in evil hands, or choose to challenge the Falconers beside Braen Braston - a quiet outcast from the northern kingdom of Fjorik. Across the continent Robert Esterling fights to come of age and struggles with physical limitations while leading a civil war against his usurper brother - the leader chosen by the Falconers. He must decide the fate of thousands of refugees from the west, the hated and feared Pescari and their powerful goddess of fire.

Follow these unlikely heroes as they face political intrigue and work through personal barriers. Read along as they learn to use their powers without destroying the very people they feel compelled to save. Gasp as they discover a much more dangerous foe than Andalon ever dreamed.

Andalon Awakens is an emotional ride that will lead you to laughter, tears, and gasps along the way. T. B. Phillips is a craftsman who toys with your heart and leads you by the hand through expert world building, putting you inside each of his characters.

"Most Creative and Unique Book I've Read in Years!”

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"An Exciting Epic Fantasy Adventure!”

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"Captivating and Thought Provoking!”

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"World Building at its Absolute Finest!”

— Author Lyn I. Kelly, Tracks & Dark Lands Series

Andalon barely remembers the Brother’s War, but one woman does...

Hiding a dark past, one woman sheltered four children from the world. Keeping promises to the dead, she knew one day truths must be told. That time has come, and she must dust off her thirst for revenge or watch evil men claim Andalon's legacy.

Here is the first volume of T.B. Phillips' action-packed series Children of Andalon. This modern fantasy combines magic with emotion while delivering political intrigue and adventure.

Andalon Legacy

Revolution once pitted pirates and outlaws against an oppressive crown. That fateful clash nearly destroyed the continent but also protected it from another, far more advanced, society that farmed its supernatural powers.

Now three brothers, raised on the frontier and far away from their true origins, seek adventure. The mysterious and magical Dreamers have arrived, seeking to take one of them away without explanation. As the lies of their family are exposed, the boys begin to understand the extent of their own potential. Each is meant for greatness, despite having been blinded to their destiny.

Elsewhere, a young girl must also journey. Deeply controlled by the tradition of her people, an internal struggle ensues that threatens her existence and all she loves. Discovering the power of a goddess along the way, she must reconnect to a father long dead if not entirely forgotten. Will she choose to blaze her own path or give in to tradition?

Andalon Legacy is part of the overarching Andalon® Saga, a tale set in a world many centuries after the destruction of our own. It questions human nature, mankind’s frequent mistakes, and also our potential. It weighs our love and compassion while also balancing vengeance.

"Spellbinding in its Reach!”

— Eric Madeen, Professor of Literature (Tokyo University)