Introducing T.B. Phillips!

Tom (T.B.) Phillips debuted in 2019 with Andalon Awakens, a riveting tale about pirates and outlaws, but one unlike any the world has ever experienced. His cinematic style and action/adventure approach to the fantasy genre changed the game when it comes to adding elements of science fiction, and the heart stopping action made this a difficult work to describe.

Critics often compared the tale to A Game of Thrones due to the gritty and unexpected cruelty even his protagonists sometimes displayed, but all agreed this series is one to read. In 2020 he added the final two installments of the Dreamers of Andalon series, and plans many more related series to join them all in the Andalon® Saga.

In 2021 Andalon Awakens stunned even the author when it garnered recognition by winning two literary awards. It was a finalist in the 2021 International Book Awards, and overall winner of the Action/Adventure genre of the Independent Press Awards.

This is only the beginning for this prolific writer, who has so far published four titles in twenty months with plans for many more each year. In 2021 he also added the Blossom of the Fae series, an adventure fairy tale drawing inspiration from some of the darker elements of Irish mythology.