Don't Pay the Ferryman!

T.B. Phillips and Charter Comics teamed up and created a spellbinder!

Charter Comics wanted a full-length novel adaptation of their Ferryman Tales indie comic series, and Tom "T.B." Phillips stepped up to the task! The novel adaptation of Ferryman is a supernatural thriller, written with the same stylistic flare and world building readers expect from T.B. Phillips. Spellbinding, it's a great weekend or travel read, or perfect to get into the mood for spooky season!

Focused on Ferryman Origins, this supernatural thriller is set two years following the Salem Witch Trials. As in the comics, Rhode Island witches practice dark rituals and go to great lengths to hide a family secret.

But this setting was also a pirate town and, in this novel, witches clash with the legendary Thomas Tew and William Mays, unleashing chaos upon a sleepy New England town.

Charter Comics, the Indie Comic duo of Chris Hays and McLain McGuire, are well known in the Indie Comic world, both were finalists for Indie Volt Author and Letterer of the Year in 2022.

They approached Tom "T.B." Phillips for this collaboration, the first of many they have planned. Though known for his bestselling science fiction and fantasy novels, he eagerly accepted and created a subseries for his upcoming horror collaborations, calling it his Creepy Creations!

Keeping true to the comics, the novel includes artwork from the series, including a riveting cover drawn by Don "D.J." Hall!

Expect a second novel adaptation of Don't Pay the Ferryman to make an appearance in Spring 2024!


A coastal town faces dark magic in this spine-crawling thriller by T.B. Phillips and Charter Comics!

Not long after the Salem Witch Trials, a coven hides its rituals beneath a rocky shore. Curtis Charles, a young man terrified of the sea, stumbles upon family secrets. Swept into a tempest of betrayal, lies, and schemes, the fabric of his world rips apart while pirates and witches compete over a sinister treasure. Their greed will be judged when the Ferryman comes...

Based on the Ferryman Tales comic series created by Chris Hays and McLain McGuire.

McLain McGuire

McLain McGuire lives in the Austin, Texas area where he can be found in his studio creating, lettering, and designing comics as well as working on other graphic designs. He is an established musician and has been in the music industry for over twenty-nine years and has worked in the comic industry for over sixteen. He is co-owner of Charter Comics.

  • Indie Volt Comic Letterer of the Year Finalist - October 2021

Chris Hays

Chris Hays is an American writer and co-Founder of Charter comics. Some of Chris' works include the hit series Don't Pay The Ferryman. Chris specializes in the horror/thriller genre. He is co-owner of Charter Comics.

  • Indie Volt Comic Writer of the Year Finalist - October 2021

T.B. Phillips

Tom "T.B." Phillips is the author of the Andalon Saga and Director of Andalon Studios. He writes Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, and is the creator of several upcoming graphic novels and comics. He is a member of the SFWA.

  • Winner Independent Press Awards - Best Action/Adventure 2021 (Andalon Awakens)
  • Finalist International Book Awards - Fantasy 2021 (Andalon Awakens)
  • Silver/Bronze Medalist ELit Book Awards - Fantasy/Best New Fiction 2022 (Wailing Tempest)